Our first ever CSR report

Faced with the expectations of our stakeholders, it was essential to bring together our responsible and sustainable actions in a report of commitments: one more step to concretise our initiatives taken in 2019.

ALPOL Cosmétique CSR report

The CSR report: answers and actions within the ID Beauty programme 

Our 5 core values that are Innovation, Flexibility, Quality, Integrity and Partnership  lead us all to surpass ourselves every day to deliver work that meets our clients’ expectations and requirements. A sustainable commitment has been added to these values that we are committed to implementing: Corporate Social Responsibility. Minimizing our impact on the environment is a trust initiative for our customers and all our stakeholders. To achieve this, a program has been defined around 6 commitments. 

This program is named ID Beauty. The 6 commitments contained have been chosen and oriented to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It lists and highlights all our actions to date and describes the indicators monitored after its publication. 

Want to know more about this report? Here are our 6 commitments that drive the daily lives of our employees.

Our 6 commitments in the ID Beauty program

  • Taking into account the expectations of stakeholders

Our stakeholders are key players of our value chain. For the purpose of continuous improvement, we have optimized our information system by doubling our investments over the last 3 years. We focus on our customers by ensuring frequent communication with them and providing a personalized customer experience.  

  • Ensuring the traceability of our raw materials

Traceability is essential to ensure the quality of the services provided by ALPOL Cosmétique, furthermore we are proud to offer products made in France. In order to guarantee you products with the highest quality, we are committed to rigorously selecting our suppliers using a responsible purchasing policy and creating natural products. Thus, you can find the naturalness percentage of each product in our catalog.

Supporting the local economy is essential for us in order to maximize our contribution to the region. Furthermore, we strive to create local partnerships with our suppliers and service providers in order to remain in this dynamic aimed at promoting French know-how.

  • Ensuring the development of our employees


We ensure that our employees are fulfilled in the company to provide you excellent service. Also  we maintain this level of performance by continuously training our employees and welcoming future generations to train and learn from their approach. As the quality of work life is one of our priorities, we are attentive to the suggestions of our employees and try to bring them to achievement. 


  • Demonstrating integrity

97/100 is the professional equality index for men and women obtained in 2021. An index that we are proud to communicate, especially as 75% of our management staff are women. An employee ethics charter and a letter of commitment from the management were distributed to encourage all our employees to adhere to the company’s values and to make them aware of ethical behavior.

  • Make actions for the environment

It is important for us to protect our planet by acting for the environment. Concrete measures have already been established and will be put in place in the future. The cold formulation of the products available in our catalog is one of our prides. Already 36 formulas have been established with this process. This limits the energy impact both in terms of hot water consumption and industrial equipment occupancy time. In addition, ALPOL Cosmétique has adopted a closed cooling circuit which has allowed us to halve our water consumption following the connection to the groundwater.

We have taken care to highlight key indicators for each of our commitments. For greater transparency, we have made it a point of honor for you to be able to find them easily and quickly. You will find them throughout the report, but also at the end, on two pages.

Want to know more about these data and actions? Consult it now.

Ecovadis evaluation – the first for ALPOL Cosmétique!

This report has been subject to an ecovadis assessment. It was essential for us to have an Ecovadis evaluation, to refine this work of commitment begun in 2019. Ecovadis is a platform for rating the CSR approach of companies, which evaluated us according to 4 points:

  • Environment
  • Social & labor law
  • Ethics
  • Responsible purchasing

This first report enabled ALPOL Cosmétique to obtain a score of 57/100, a more than encouraging score since the average for companies of our sector of activity is 47/100.