Creativity and innovation for an inspired formula

creative innovation

You want to stand out from the crowd, we want to make that happen. We constantly monitor the market, seeking to offer an infinite and innovative range of textures and solutions to suit your project. Our scalable offering includes a wide choice of formulas!

Your product in line with current trends and innovations

Creativity and innovation are our watchwords when developing your products. To ensure that we provide you with the best possible response to the constantly changing cosmetics market, our teams put their heads together to find the distinguishing factor that will make your product unique.

We look at every aspect and how it can be adapted for your product: active ingredients, to ensure product efficacy, sensory appeal – which is what makes a cosmetic pleasant to use – and texture, for a product that is easy to apply and fit for purpose.


Armed with the experience our R&D and marketing departments have, in terms of working together to great effect, we can offer you a scalable offer with a wide choice of formulas, that have been developed in-house to meet the expectations of the various different segments of our market.

This variety of concepts will be a source of inspiration for your brand and the coming launch of your different ranges.

You are ALPOL Cosmétique’s number 1 priority

Our aim

  • to offer you a wide choice of formulas with unique galenic formulations
  • to offer you formulas boasting international reach and compliance
  • to offer you safe formulas incorporating innovative ingredients, that respect people and the environment

Interview of Julie MALGOUVERNE, R&D Laboratory Manager

A comprehensive offer designed specially for you

Take advantage of a comprehensive offer that addresses current and future trends. Our creativity and expertise with respect to the cosmetics market mean we can help you find the best products.

  • Access turn-key, market-ready products.
  • Base your ideas on product concepts that address the latest trends and comply with current regulations.
  • Make the most of a data base of sensorial and textural characteristics to facilitate your product development
  • Take advantage of a full service offer, from product concept to purchasing the packaging for your formula

A wide choice that can be adapted in so many ways to suit your expectations and specifications.

Absolu Concentrate

Our latest innovations

Product with eye-catching visual: easy-to-apply biphase texture! A concentrated serum specially designed for the specific needs of different types of skin. Every product is formulated using scientifically recognised ingredients that boost its efficacy.

Available in 6 different coloured versions indicating 6 different effects, it delivers targeted care to demanding skin types.

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Sustainable innovation

We believe in sustainable innovation, because beauty is only innovative if it combines today’s projects with tomorrow’s challenges. Our scientific expertise means we can make an idea come true in technical terms, and our socially responsible awareness means that our innovations are sustainable and respect people and the environment.