Technical efficacy with your project

Assistance with your project

You’ll get a bespoke response to your product concept. Work with our specialist teams to improve your performance and realise your projects!

We put our innovation skills at your service  

Innovation and creativity lie at the heart of our expertise, it’s what brings your products to life.

Our research & development team will use all its knowledge and expertise to assist you with your project and meet your specifications. Their careful, expert attention to your needs means your project will find a technical solution resulting in an effective, innovative, sensorial product.

We are able to put forward a multitude of ideas, because we can offer:

  • a wide diversity of textures and active ingredients
  • innovative, safe, sensorial productsclose
  • collaboration between our R&D laboratory and our marketing department
  • continuous investment in staying at the cutting edge of innovation
  • partnerships that enable us to stay abreast of the latest developments and market trends

We constantly strive to bring your project the added value and uniqueness it deserves.

Your project, our technical expertise


Prospective active ingredients, galenic formulations and sensorial textures

Management of challenge tests and safety tests

Regulatory compliance

Management of efficacy and objectivation tests

Monitoring of container-content stability and compatibility

Some key figures

Continuous worldwide market intelligence feeds into our support solution at every turn. Analysing market trends, studying innovative ingredients and finding inspiration in beauty rituals from all over the world are infinitely valuable sources of information when developing the products of the future. Every one of these aspects is considered when we develop your formulas.

15 % of our employees work in our laboratory
300 m² laboratory
4000 referenced ingredients

our mission


a commitment to sustainable beauty

To be able to guarantee that our products are safe and sustainable, every project must follow the recommendations of our Safe & Clean R&D charter. We constantly monitor our products to ensure that they respond to frequently changing regulations and an evolving market. 

Adapting to specific international situations

To ensure that what we offer is suitable for the places where you intend to market your product, we always make sure that it complies with the requirements of local and international authorities.

For us, guaranteeing the most comprehensive compliance with legislation, and ensuring market performance, is a priority.