Services designed with you in mind

A comprehensive response

We can offer all-round assistance to help you realise your projects. At every product development stage, you will have a designated expert at hand, to anticipate and meet your every need. We can offer standard or bespoke solutions, check out how we can help!

All-round assistance and experts at every stage

ALPOL Cosmétique helps you to design, manufacture and package your cosmetic products. From marketing brief to release to market, our teams are at your side to serve your brand’s ambitions and values. Our offer will be specially adapted to suit your projects by experts, who will proffer their advice and expertise at every product development stage.

1 Your product concept

2 The brief is prepared with an expert in terms of textures, active ingredients and desired claims

3 The project is coordinated across all departments by a dedicated contact

4 The product is formulated with our R&D project manager, who oversees the whole process, from the laboratory through to transfer to industrial production

5 Constant regulatory monitoring ensures that packaging texts are compliant and will be approved in the countries where the product is to be distributed

6 Once your product concept has been approved, comprehensive production follow-up and suitable packaging are provided

Strong team coordination to guarantee your performance

Our departments work with you at every stage, and together coordinate the technical realisation of your expectations. By interacting in this way, we can better assist you and adapt our response to your needs, resulting in a viable, high performance project. Every brief is assigned a number of experts, who will work with you and support you right up to the production stage, ensuring effective coordination of skills and expertise. A dedicated expert is there to assist you from start to finish, so that our collaboration becomes a proper partnership whose purpose is to build a bespoke solution just for you.

our mission


The people we work with lasting collaboration


To ensure that we can provide effective, lasting assistance, we work with regular partners, taking the whole value chain into account and making it work for us. Together we anticipate and study our clients’ needs and ambitions.

It is in everyone’s interest to implement support solutions that respond to the market and whose enduring viability and sustainability will guarantee our common future.


Like a virtuous circle, all our activities are interconnected, there are no dividing walls to prevent us from forging true partnerships.

4 Custom support offers for your project

Bespoke support: Adaptable and Personalised.

Your specifications, our unique response. Working with you, our teams suggest and develop a tailor-made product that meets your needs and those of the market

Personalised offer: Personalised and Fast.

We provide you with a catalogue of standard formulas that meet all release to market requirements, to which you can add your own personal touch, resulting in a project you can identify with, developed with optimal speed

Standard offer:

Fast and Effective. Our catalogue of standard formulas offers a wide choice of white label products that are in line with market trends and consumer needs and expectations. A branded product in double-quick time

Transfer to industrial production: your formula, our industrial know-how.

Effective and Expert. Our industrial expertise and know-how help our teams provide dedicated support to ensure that your formula is reproducible.

An international vision means the right product

The international reach of our expertise means that we have thorough knowledge of the market – in terms of products, trends and regulatory issues – in the different areas of distribution.


This continuous market intelligence means we can construct a flexible, targeted and relevant offer, adding a “Made in France” dimension to your cosmetic skin care products.