Industrial performance for the benefit of your products  

industrial reliability

Our strength lies in our diverse yet complementary tools, which enable us to find a flexible solution to your needs. From production to filling and packaging, we do all we can to meet your expectations.

Reproducibility and flexibility delivering effective support

From innovation to industrialisation

Our R&D and Production teams work together closely and efficiently, to ensure that your products enjoy lasting reproducibility. The innovative solution initiated in the laboratory is checked during an industrialisation stage, using suitable tools and operating procedures, with the aim of making your project sustainable and reproducible when manufactured on an industrial scale.

Range of options

From liquid to paste, our manufacturing facility can grant all your wishes in terms of galenic formulations, and it can produce them and package them. Governed by our quality management system, every stage of the process is tracked, from reception of raw materials to final delivery of your product. We aim to guarantee traceability at every stage, so that the finished version of the project we designed together is of the highest possible quality.

Key datas of our industrial facility,

Regular investment means that we have a diverse range of high-performance equipment that enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to your needs.

Batches from 200 to 2,000 kg

Technologies suitable for all types of emulsions and formulas

6,000 m² factory equipped with recently installed machinery

Stéphane Massot, Plant Director

Wide range of packaging available

Our packaging solutions have been selected to suit the various types of products we can make, this means we can suggest the right packaging for your product.

We offer a varied and complementary range of packaging services and methods.

  • Variety of containers: pump bottles, airless packaging, jars, tubes, ampoules, etc.
  • Variety of sizes: 3 ml to 1,000 ml
  • Variety of processes: automatic, semi-automatic or manual
  • Special primary, secondary and tertiary packaging lines


Packaging is your product’s first visual asset, so we do all we can to satisfy your requests and meet your needs.

our mission


a commitment to sustainable beauty

We always aim to put forward an optimal yet sustainable offer. The solution we suggest has been selected as the best one for everyone, people and the environment: optimised pallet layouts, maximum space allocation in haulage vehicles, analysis of road or sea routes where necessary, etc.

International logistics solution

Our knowledge of national and international formalities and different modes of transport and storage means we can offer a comprehensive, worldwide transport solution that meets your needs and constraints.

  • 4,000 m² area divided into different storage zones
  • reception and storage of raw materials, bulk manufactured product, finished and/or semi-finished products, all on the same site
  • packing and shipping of products to your chosen place of delivery, anywhere in the world