2018 1st quarter:

2 main trends to retain !
​Earlier this year, we went to Paris for visiting exhibitions dedicated to Cosmetic sector and found 2 essential directions to follow...


Minimalist is setting up


​Consumers are informed and attentive. They know decrypting and understanding an INCI, and want, more and more “safer” products for their skin. From this observation, is born the trend « minimalism » : « all with nothing » ; « more with less » ; or « all with less »

  • Covering skin needs with less ingredients possible : we find some formulations with 10 or 15 ingredients maximum

We said « yes » to « minimalism concept » but without overlook the formula or consumer in terms of results or sensoriality. Here it is the complexity and challenge of this item : never forget the experience and pleasure to apply a cosmetic for the consumer : sensory ; texture ; design and smell.

Motivated and convinced of well-founded of this trend, our R&D teams are ready to challenge it and we will present you some minimalist formulas & textures up to 2019 !


Mat Brings to the Light


Today, for cosmetic products, the texture is a differentiating factor ​​​for the brands to “make the difference”. The Wow Effect is very trendy both efficacy and texture aspects.

We have visited various exhibitions earlier this year, and it has confirmed that we have already felt and believed : mat effect is a main trend in terms of both visual and results.

In cosmetic, we can find mat effect in « pack » thanks to product appearance as well as « on the skin » like mat finish after application.

Objective ? The skin hasn’t to be glossy, with a powdered finish, satined, long lasting. 2 options are defined :

  • Texture can be glossy, fluid or thicker, but it has to get a mat finish. The mat is revealing during application, when you apply the product
  • Mat in appearance: this aspect hasn’t to fail during application. No surprize with this type of texture but the consumer is expecting more with this type of product : mat effect has to be long-lasting : minimum all along the day. Globally, theses textures are made with silicones.
  • Our Innovation : provide the mat effect… without silicones ingredients !

To support you through this trend, discover our new sensory bar 2018 edition : mat in all forms.

We have developped various mat textures, with different aspects, galenic and results or application … with or without silicones.

A complex and passionative lab with results we are proud to show you !