Professional equality index

Discover below the ALPOL Cosmétique index calculated for the year 2023.

Gender equality index

According to the law of 5 September 2018 about the freedom to choose one’s professional future and its application decree of 8 January 2019, aimed at eliminating pay gaps between women and men, ALPOL Cosmétique publishes its Index on gender equality.

What is this index?

4 indicators made mandatory by this index under the law “For the freedom to choose one’s professional future”, we are highlighting the professional equality practised despite gender.

How is it calculated?

The gender equality index is a score out of 100, obtained from 5 indicators:

– The gender pay gap (scored out of 40 points).
– The gap in annual increments (20 points).
– The promotion gap (15 points).
– Increases on return from maternity leave (15 points).
– The presence of women among the highest paid in the company (10 points).

What is the result of ALPOL Cosmétique?

Index 2024 (for 2023): 98 / 100

Result per indicator :
– Indicator Pay gap: 38/40
– Indicator Individual increment/promotion rate gap: 35/35
– Return from maternity leave indicator: 15/15
– Indicator of 10 highest salaries: 10/10

Index ALPOL : 98/100