According to strategy of Plastic Materials European Commission in order to protect the environment from pollution by plastic, the ECHA (European Chemical Agency) is preparing some restrictive propositions for oxobiodegradable plastic materials and microplastic particles voluntarily added to all finished products destinées to consumer use and professional. The sweden agency of chemical products (Kemi) has to write a report on largest proposition up to 31st march 2018.


In Europe, the prohibition is ongoing in member states :

  • France : prohibition as of now (a complementary prohibition project is under development and submitted to Ministry of Ecology to define time and conditions of plastic particles degradation not prone to remain in marine area and substances not supposed to be diffused by these plastic particles)
  • Italy : from 2020 january
  • Wales : from 2018, 30th june
  • Scotland : Prohibition project from the june 19th 2018 submissed to consult until May, 2nd 2018
  • Sweden : Prohibition project from june 2018 (the text would probably be published soon, it might be on 2018, 1st june)


  • New Zealand : prohibition from 2018, 7th june (the thoothpastes are also concerned)

Sources : Cosmed January 2018 and Fébéa January & February 2018


Theses prohibitons measures have been transmittted before the deadlines precised over and the ALPOL Cosmétique teams have already realized the modifications in formulas which are available without plastic or synthetic microbeads !

Please feel free to contact our teams in order to precise this post according to french and international regulations.