First Ecovadis Rating : which scoring did our CSR Approach get ?

There are various organisations that can assess the CSR approach implemented. EcoVadis is the one that evaluated ALPOL Cosmetique for several weeks.

What is the CSR Approach at ALPOL Cosmétique?

Through the ID Beauty Program, ALPOL Cosmétique takes into consideration the economic, social and environmental impacts from the raw material to the consumer’s use of the product.
Created in 2019, the CSR program “ID Beauty, Together, design a sustainable future” was built around 6 commitments based on the 17 Triple Bottom Line Approach’s goals set by the UN (united nations) :

  • Guarantee the traceability of our raw materials
  • Demonstrate integrity
  • Take into account the stakeholder’s expectations
  • Promote local anchorage and the circular economy
  • Ensure the fulfillment of our employees
  • Act in favor of  the environment

CSR Commitments

The CSR program is as important as our quality policy and enters in our performance strategy to integrate day-to-day the environmental and social imperatives of our activity, as Jérôme Six explains in his interview

For further information: you can find all of our CSR approaches on our Youtube playlist “Sustainable cosmetics”

How is the CSR Approach verified? 

Communicating on its engagement with proofs and rating allows transparency to the public and credit to the approach. A number of different organisms exist to rate the implemented CSR approach. EcoVadis is one of the largest rating-organisms of Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) and durability. 

Created in 2017, this organism evaluates in a reliable way the CSR performance of the companies and rates them. In the end, they give detailed feedback and pertinent tools for continuous improvement.
For an identical and objective evaluation of the companies, EcoVadis’rating is based on 4 themes:

  • Environment
  • Social and Human Rights
  • Ethics
  • Sustainable sourcing and purchasing 

Through these 4 topics, EcoVadis analyzes and cross-checks other companies’ data to create reliable and personalized evaluations that depend on the company’s sector, size and localisation. This rating provides a comparative analysis.

Because of its transparency and adaptability to the appraised sector, ALPOL Cosmétique chose EcoVadis as an assessor.

What does the CSR evaluation say about the engagement of ALPOL Cosmétique?

After every analysis, the final score of the company is 57/100. It ranks ALPOL Cosmétique in the 75th percentile so in the best 25% of the companies EcoVadis ranked in its own sector. 

In the 4 topics in which ALPOL Cosmétique was evaluated, the company obtained the following results:

  • 60/100 for the Environment
  • 60/100 for Social and Human Rights
  • 50/100 for the Sustainable sourcing and purchasing 
  • 40/100 for Ethics

ecovadis scoring


For the environment, we retain an engaged policy on different aspects: consumers’ health and safety, raw materials, chemical products and waste, and last but not least water. Indeed, ALPOL Cosmétique proved the installation of concrete actions to reduce their water consumption thanks to new processes. 


Social and Human Rights

At ALPOL Cosmétique, the employee is at the heart of the company. Those policies prove it:

  • there is a social and human right policy on diversity, equity and inclusion: 75% of women are executive managers and there are 12.5 FTE (Full time equivalent) with a disability.
  • these notions and numbers are in correlation with the human rights and labor policy on employee health and safety that was also implemented.

 Moreover, training sessions to develop skills are offered to the employees. Some sessions have been carried out while others are to come.

For further information : these numbers and information are highlighted in the CSR motion design series on our youtube channel.


Sustainable sourcing and purchasing

On the sustainable sourcing side, the validity of the referencing has been reviewed. New rating questionnaires were implemented and shared to the suppliers to understand their social and environmental practices. This allowed the company to become aware of their partners’ commitment to environmental preservation. From now on, we have a transparent and trustful partnership with our clients from beginning to end of our process. 



To conclude the 4 topics graded by EcoVadis, ethics is an important one at ALPOL Cosmétique. Indeed, there are two policies around ethics thematic:

  • an anti-corruption policy and
  • a data safety policy

The first one requires to inform, via documents, on the goals and/or engagements of the anti-corruption fight, such as conflicts of interest, fraud or money laundering.
The second one consists in protecting the data of all people who were in contact with the company. As the projects are confidentials, commitments on the protection and sustainable management of third-parties’ data were adopted at ALPOL Cosmétique.


Thus, by implicating itself in a CSR approach, ALPOL Cosmétique would like to give a new impetus to the company while challenging itself to tackle more innovative projects. New projects and work groups are already implemented to ensure continuous improvement in this program while targeting a better EcoVadis score at the next evaluation. 

Do you want to know more about our approach? You can find our CSR report here