2022: Le grand retour du salon In Cosmetic Global

After two postponed editions, we were happy to meet you again from April 5 to 7, 2022 for the In Cosmetics Global exhibition. 

An international meeting that combines trends, ingredients and more and more products! This edition, in Paris, was a real moment of sharing which allowed us to make you discover some news and innovations.

Our PRODUCTS Launched :

2022, Le grand retour du salon In Cosmetics Global


2022 is a big year for our Alphaderm range. After its release in 2016, it was time to expand and complete it with an anti-dark spot positioning.

We introduced you to Meladerm products, extension of the Alphaderm collection. 

A complete routine, 5 products to even your complexion, bright your skin and reduce dark spots.

  • Cleanser (MelaClean) 
  • Serum (MelActiv 10) 
  • Face cream (MelaCare)
  • Sun protection (MelaCare SPF 50+)
  • Body cream (MelaBody)

As the entire Alphaderm range, the key products are objectified in use tests and effectiveness for some! Discover them quickly!

2022: Le grand retour du salon In Cosmetics Global


Built on the 5 fundamental elements, water, earth, fire, the Traditional Beauty Med range is designed to provide you with inner and outer well-being. 

Inspired by Asian rituals, this range gathers 5 products for a perfect skin.

  • Essence
  • Serum
  • Eye Contour
  • Day Cream
  • Night Cream

This routine with anti-aging properties is formulated to help prevent aging, even out skin tone, reduce photoaging thanks to a complex of 5 plants and hyaluronic acid.


2022: Legrand retour du salon In Cosmetics Global


Do you know ALPOL Cosmétique inside and out? But what about our commitments?

You will find them all in this report, designed just for you.

2022: Le grand retour du salon In Cosmetics Global


Want to create a line without really knowing what to start with? 

The Trends Book is there for you! You will find 12 concepts based on 4 trends. It’s the ideal tool for your projects!

You missed this exhibition and wish to meet us, other shows are to be expected!

The next one is still in France and will take place in Monaco from October 3rd to 5th 2022.

In the meantime,  contact us and follow our news on the networks: Linkedin and YouTube